Light Killer – 2015

Light Killer

by Magdalena Barile.

Mikail and Hotcal are two young beings with a peculiarity: they irradiate light. They are recruited by “The Greek”, a mysterious artist, who wishes to steal their light by promising beauty and eternity as a contemporary Mephistopheles. A kaleidoscopic game that plays with four different languages: words, body, light and shadow attending upon the same narration. The story of two bodies and their lights.

Which are the shining resources of the human body?
Is the human body just a reflective body or is it a shining source itself?
And if it shines where does it take its sources?
Can we really see a body shine? Or is it just an artistic illusion?

An enlightening play for all the humans and their shadows.


Alan Alpenfelt
Adele Raes

Directed by:
Laura Pasetti

Translation by:
Maggie Rose

Lights (not the Killer…):
Manuel Frenda

Zeno Gabaglio
Pulver & Asche Records

Marketing & Communication:
Carlo Centemeri
Laura Galloppo
Elena Vergani
Claudia Schirripa

Press review:
Il Giorno
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