Wordsandrawing – 2015

Part of Wordsandsounds residency – Piccolo Teatro di Milano

7 – 31 January 2015

This is the drawing chosen by Shirin Karbor and Caterina Bianchini, as the winner of the contest WORDSANDRAWING. Congratulations to Valentina Giro!


Conceived as part of the WORDSANDSOUNDS project, WORDSANDRAWING aims at stimulating the audience’s creativity through a sensorial experience. Following the hints given by the graphic designer Shirin Karbor, the public will listen to four stories of three minutes each, recorded by the voices of four different actors. Shirin Karbor and her colleague Caterina Bianchini, after listening to the recordings for the first time, will draw their emotions on the blank page, leaving their draft and sketches unfinished. The participants will be expected to complete Shirin and Caterina’s drawings by listening to the stories and giving space to their imagination.
This will result into a collaborative image, inspired by the sound of the words and shaped on the feelings of the listeners, a process which also shares Shirin Karbor’s belief that art and drawings originate instinctively without going through a long elaboration. Once displayed the finished drawings, Shirin, Caterina and the actors will judge the most significant among them which will be awarded a small prize by Charioteer Theatre.

Shirin Karbor: born in Italy she studied Computer Arts at Abertay University, Dundee and graduated in Graphic Design at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. Inspired by the comics and cartoons of the 1950’s, her work focuses on graphic design for kids as well as on simple drawings able to make people smile.
Caterina Bianchini: graduated in Visual Communication at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. She now works in London as a graphic designer. While studying at university Caterina did a big project about psychological research theories and their translation into visual communication.

The stories will be read by the actors Gary Quinn, Clare Ross, Philip Kingscott and Alan Alpenfelt.