Summer Camp 2018

Since 2014, Charioteer Theatre has hosted an annual summer school program, offering young people from all over Italy the chance to travel to Scotland to take part in a fantastic adventure. To work with one of Italy’s leading theatre actors and directors, and to expand their horizons, both creatively and as individuals. And this year was no exception.

This year, at Newbold House in Forres, deep in the Highlands of Scotland, a group of young people between fifteen and eighteen will gather to work together for nine days on an exciting new theatrical project and to broaden their understanding of the possibilities of theatre.

Classes start at 9:00am with a full physical and vocal warm up, designed to prepare the group for the day ahead followed by workshops varying in content, with participants engaging in:
Physical theatre…
Character development…
Commedia Dell l’Arte…
Vocal work including chanting, choral speaking, and even some singing…

At Charioteer Theatre Summer Camps, we aim to expose participants to as wide an array of theatre styles, methodologies, and storytelling forms as possible; in order to break the idea that theatre has to be simply actors standing on a stage reciting lines. This allows our participants to be as creatively open and as imaginative as possible and, in the end, create more daring performers.

Location information:
Newbold House, Forres (Scotland)

Information and booking:
Sara Vailati
+39 3484914551