Get me out of here! – 2011

Get me out of here!
2011 Charioteer Theatre

Get me out of here! – 2011

By Laura Pasetti

Prospero has kidnapped all Shakespeare characters and is keeping them on his island giving them all the satisfactions they need: parties, mojitos, Satellite TV, Video games, Thai Massages, 3D Cinema,….

But not all of them are happy. Hamlet, Lady Macbeth and Puck decide to escape and get back to the real world. They want to PERFORM!

Unfortunately Prospero finds out and together they agree that they need to have at least one chance to be freed. So Prospero decides to create a game-show where the three characters have to tell the audience why their play is worth going back to the world. Whoever will be chosen will receive freedom and return from the island to the world and perform again.

Who will it be?


Alan Alpenfelt
Stefano Guizzi
Lynn Dalgetty
Clare Waddington

Press Review:
Northings, By Rowan Macfie 4 July, 2011