An actor prepares for Beckett – 2007

An Actor prepares for Beckett
An actor prepares for Beckett

Three actresses and one actor will explore the process of preparation for the roles of Winnie and Willie in the famous play, ‘Happy Days’ by Samuel Beckett.
In the play, Winnie and Willie live in a strange world with neither day nor night, regulated by the ring of a bell. Winnie is buried in the ground from the waist down, whilst Willie, although able to move, does not abandon her…
Actors will share with the audience their research on the characters, with all the arising challenges and discoveries.
This production is quite unique, in that it offers the audience a view into an actor`s creative process, a journey of exploration and discovery culminating in representation.
The difference between the process and the representation is that the process is of an indefinite length, whilst the representation is the result.
Our work has stopped this process at a certain point, in order to link together the connective strands the actors have forged between themselves and each other in their research.
We warmly invite you to share in our discoveries.